Robber Parkour Game

In this game, players would be a thief to escape from the capturing of police. On the road, players need to pick up the diamonds and coins. Besides the police, there are also many other obstacles that block this journey. Come on and test how far you can escape!

How to Play Robber Parkour

Touch the screen to move the thief,

Jump up and down through that "jump" button

Avoid the policies and obstacles.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Robber Parkour is a popular free online racing game among, where you can play funny vector parkour games & VR parkour games. Distinguished from some other crime games, there is not any violence. Players would play the role of a thief only, without any weapons. So this game is also suitable for kids. It's a racing game for kids. Players can have fun in this game and test reflex effectively. Just play and check how far you can run!
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