Get ready for some more car-ramming action! In this sequel of the Vehicles Level Pack game series, it's good cars vs bad cars once more. The bad vehicles couldn't care less about being bad and destroying the city by causing disorder and disturbance. As usual, use one of the great metropolitan vehicles and its extraordinary capacities to smash the bad vehicle off the screen and score points in this Vehicles 2 Level Pack. Utilize an ambulance to help people get to the hospital, a fire engine to extinguish fires and a cop vehicle to capture the bad vehicles. Utilize the nonpartisan purple vehicles to help yourself en route. There are different items in the Cool Math Games Vehicles 2 level pack like moving haggles stages to set off objects like detonating red barrels that can help you with annihilating the bad vehicles. Clear your path through all of the many levels by stopping a crime from the black vehicles and gathering coins.

Thus, knock all of the bad cars off of the screen utilizing the squad car, fire engine, rescue vehicle, and fire motor in this Vehicles Level Pack Games. Then, get your vehicles to the parking spots for bonus points! Every vehicle has unique abilities to help you solve the Cool Math Car Games level.

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