Launching a missile begins to eliminate the alien's mission! In the game, the player's mission is to launch missiles from the left and right sides, destroying all aliens to challenge success. Many levels are waiting for you to challenge, and hurry up!

Missiles Attack Game is a remarkable rocket evading game in a plane! The missiles are coming from various directions, and you should quickly move to dodge and make them hit one another. There are a few catalysts that you can pick, like stars to build your score and shield to protect from missile damage.

It's a fun plane flying game over the blue sea and Quick controls that permit you to make moves to avoid the rockets alongside many power-ups that you can get. Players can easily object to the direction and location on the mini-map.
Moreover, players need to destroy approaching comets. Your ammunition is restricted, so try to hit numerous comets immediately. The shot will be topped off with each round—press space to fire a bomb. You will acquire one extra bomb for every round.
So, how long would you be able to fly? Try out by yourself.

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