The legendary soldier is invincible and buys Gatlin to get a lot of gold coins. In the Soldier Legend Game, our city has been attacked by aliens. They are destroying our city. Now let us pick up the weapons in our hands and fight against them!

Soldier Legend friv joins our selection of shooting IO games and should appeal to all fans of Shoot'em Up games. You will face an army of aliens determined to seize the planet, it's up to you to prevent it! For each level, you will have a specific number of enemies to defeat without being eliminated by the aliens. To do this, use your mouse to aim and shoot with your weapon and move with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Quickly collect the gold coins as they will quickly disappear from the background. These will allow you to improve your playing conditions via the Upgrades where 3 categories are available to you: buy new weapons, improve your towers or acquire boosters.

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