Olympic Jump

This game is a free online parkour game combined with the sport hurdle race. The small character keeps running very fast. Without the player's operation, he would hit the obstacles. So the player's mission is to make the runner jump up and down at the correct position and time. Let's challenge together!

How to Play Olympic Jump

Tap the screen to make the running man jump up and down,

Hold longer if there are several adjacent hurdles.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Play Olympic Jump Unblocked Cool Math Game

Olympic Jump must be an exciting game, combined with the sport "hurdle racing". The small runner keeps running as fast as possible, once touching the hurdles, game over. And some hurdles are set very close, so the players have to make the runner stay away from the dangers. These operations test player's reflex. Come on and play this game. Have fun with your family and kids.

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