How to play Free ps4 sports games penalty 2014

LEFT click on PLAY and on a country then on OK and on PLAY to start the game. Win the matches using your MOUSE. Click LEFT repeatedly on the ball to set your shooting parameters and hit the ball. LEFT click on NEXT MATCH to continue.

Information out ps4 sports games penalty 2014

Who says Football World Cup says round ball, shooting at goal and ... penalty in particular. This is what you will have to expect in this ps4 sport penalty game. The objective of the Brazil World Cup 2014 Penalty ps4 sport game is to score as many goals as possible without the goalkeeper managing to stop the ball. Everything is played with the mouse: you start by determining the angle of the shot, where the ball should land in the goal, then you control the force of the strike into the ball. You have 10 shots to make: each goal earns 100 points but each bullet outside removes 20, knowing that the power of the shot offers a multiplier of points by increasing the difficulty. Football fans will find their happiness in our selection of football games. Try to get as many goals as possible in the opposing camp in two mouse clicks: the first to choose the angle of the shot, the second to control the force of the kick. The goalkeeper must of course not intercept the soccer ball.

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