Play Free Portal Runner Video Game

Time-space shuttles strayed into the Dark Forest, and an incredible horror trip was waiting for him. In the game, the player controls the time and space shuttle to avoid danger and obtain diamonds. The more you run, the more diamonds you get, and the higher your score will be. Little friends are rushing to challenge!

Portal Runner is a 2001 platformer computer game delivered for the Game Boy Color (GBC). In this Portal Runners game, Bridgette Bleu is intending to get Sarge and kill Vikki Grimm. Try not to allow Bridgette to finish his vile plans and shut down her conspiring ways by placing her in prison. Ward off against various enemies like the gingerbread men, apparitions, and aggressors. Find the sorcery and meet new characters as you progress through the story. Grab your portal gun in Portal Runner Game and run as quick and far as conceivable to stay away from risky lasers and different obstructions that are trying to stop you. Utilize the force of instant transportation. Gather power-ups along the way and purchase new outfits in the shop.

After beginning Portal Runner Free Mobile Game, you're shown a speedy cut-scene, setting up the story. The story, although marginally messy, is organized with an unmistakable plot and objective. Each time a Portal Runner PS3 load up is finished, one more cut-scene is shown, adding more to the plot by building characters and giving various snippets of data. The action in Portal Runner Android Games is seen from a third-person point of view and is suggestive of other 3D platform shooters, however, Portal Runner PS2 gameplay likewise includes quick looking over a getaway, puzzle-tackling, and even role-playing.

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