Play Real Freekick 3d Soccer Game

This game flash is also a rare football game with beautiful game graphics and realistic background music. The player's mission in the game is to help the team they support to win. The gameplay is simple, the player only needs to shoot the goal and hold the ball, try to get the score instead of losing points. When shooting, the player needs to control the direction and strength of the ball. When defending, players need to concentrate, waiting for the red area to turn blue, click on the area below the ball to defend. Is it because you can't help but feel excited, hurry and try it out!

Real freekick-Top Highly Ranked Games Flash Today

Real freekick is a Games Flash that can be played by any age group. With Real Freekick, you are going to encounter the strain of a worldwide football title in 3D and free! It doesn't matter if you're playing on a mobile, a tablet, or from your work area now you can jump carelessly into the game. If you think you are enough to write history with your team and go for success, then do try this games flash
In this game flash, if you are playing as a striker, it is your errand to take the necessary steps to score an objective. Regardless of whether you trash the ball into the net or if you twist it into the top of the net doesn't make a difference as long as you manage to beat the goalie! And once you play as a goalie, then you need to protect the net and ensure that striker wasn't able to goal or strike under your role as the goalie.

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