Sandwich Club Game

The hottest sandwich shop in the summer, the business is also very hot. The boss is so busy that he can't take good care of every order.  In the game, the player makes a sandwich package by giving a sandwich order. The higher the score for making more sandwiches within the limited time.

How to Play Sandwich Club

Accoring to the order, choose the correct ingredients. Don't waste time, the time is very short.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Play sandwich cooking game online, help the boss to prepare the order quickly and correctly. This game is not diffcult. But same to game Ice Cream Memory, players need to have good memory. Without enough memory or good reflex, It's diffcult to target the mission. Players need to use their eyes to see, brain to remember, and hands to have crazy click. Don't hestate to start this game, we believe it would bring surprice and give you a sense of achievement.
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