Play this Sweet Memory by ​flipping the cards and matching the sweet candy confections before the timer runs out. The faster you match and the more matches you get in a row, the higher your score! It is a match-elimination game that tests your memory, in which one must find out the candy with the same pattern. Sweet Memory is an intellectual game in which players need to remember the pictures in a few seconds and quickly click the same sweet candy pictures. Just to try and have fun!

If time runs out, it means that the player failed the level and needs to challenge again. As the number of playthroughs increases, the number of subsequent matchmaking cards increases. As the game becomes more difficult, players need to find the right card more accurately and quickly. When completed successfully, the current level score is displayed and all points are accumulated. There are many cute candy and cake cards in the game. The more matches you make one after the other, the higher your score will be in Sweety Memory.

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