Princess Rescue Juliet Games

In the game, the blue squares and the red squares are a pair of loving couples, but the red squares are trapped. Now let us help the blue squares move the obstacle blocks to help them meet and leave here!

In this Rescue Juliet game, players need to race against the clock and move the dark blue tiles to create a path for Romeo to rescue Juliet. This game is both fun and strategizing as well as can be played by any age group. There are three colored blocks i.e. Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Red. It is an all entertainer and fast-paced game, in which you just need a keyboard and a mouse to move your finger faster and bring both the lovers closer. You should be continually thinking about this arcade game on mobile! With no time to lose and expanding trouble with each progressive level, this game will absolutely test your aptitude and patience! So, earn the top scores by moving the tiles faster to make it to the Leader Boards.

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Overall, the game’s graphics and sound are very engaging and mesmerizing for players. It’s a must-play puzzle game available for anyone who wants to play casually on the go.

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