Robbie Game - Point-and-click adventure game

In the game, robot Robbie is patrolling in the machinery factory as usual. It turns out that a thief has been broken into the factory and it has stolen important electronic chips. Let us now help Robbie to find lost electronic chips.

Robbie is a great platform Online Free Games genre with a cutting edge robot theme. You control a cute robot named Robbie in this Games for Kids kind – Robbie is endeavoring to fix the harm that the terrible robot Rustie has caused. Rustie has intruded in the robot producing plant and cause numerous robots to turn evil! You should help Robbie gather the lost microchip and reestablish the request to the plant.

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The controls are essential, and you need to utilize the left-click mouse button to collaborate with the different items to permit Robbie to travel through each level. The ongoing Play Games Online Free interaction is fascinating and challenging, and you will appreciate the various difficulties and riddles introduced.
All you require is your mouse to play this game. Click on the robot to make him start or quit moving. You need to experience the riddle filled degrees of this game and arrive at the entryway toward the end of each level to win. On your mission to recover the lost microchip, you will need to dodge all the detestable robots if you need to survive.

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