Helicopter Training games for android

Helicopter hovering in the sky, get more gold coins, and successfully reach the destination when the plane drops to the lowest level to complete the challenge, the friends come together to practice the helicopter!

Android Games Helicopter

Be prepared to become a helicopter pilot and fly a helicopter in the right way towards the heli base. In this helicopter flying experience, you need to fly the helicopter and collect gold coins to score points. So get helicopter flying training, and in this helicopter flying experience game and become a helicopter simulator pilot. You will figure out how to take over, and land over helicopter deceives and handle helicopter in various circumstances. During helicopter flight, be cautious during flight and abstain from hitting high structures to avoid the crash. So, if you think you are the best helicopter pilot, at that point, complete this helicopter training mission game and substantiate yourself as the best helicopter pilot. In your helicopter city landing missions, you will discover exciting fun features during helicopter driving. This helicopter game has city landing missions just as different tasks to enjoy as a helicopter pilot.

How to Play Helicopter Training Android Game?

To fly the helicopter, click the left mouse button more than once to raise the helicopter. Or, you can quickly hold down the mouse button to elevate the copter.
To bring down the helicopter, release the mouse button and let gravity do its thing. Note that the helicopter dives quicker than it rises.
The helicopter's forward speed is consistent and can't be changed. The purpose of this game regarding brain training is to focus eagerly on an object and respond rapidly to the evolving climate. Try to focus on the helicopter while collecting gold coins towards landing and moving toward the obstacle wall.

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