Virus Killer is a very fun HTML5 Game for both adults and kids. Stop deads and pandemia. Players must kill the viruses in front of them. To find the right opportunity to shoot medicine at viruses and make them die. The strong and healthy secret is to wash your hands before and after you play! Then you will win the game.

If you fail to shoot the virus accurately, then the game is over. You can play it anytime and anywhere for free. No download.

Play the best HTML5 games for free.
The game is a shooting game, but also an educational game for kids. If you don't wash your hands every day, you will get viruses and become ill. Are you afraid to shoot medicine? Having a good habit is very important. Viruses will make us uncomfortable and sick, then resulting in fever, cough and weakness. Through this game, kids will be aware of the importance of personal health.

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