Steel Defense Game Play

You will become a hero in Steel Defense. Human beings are trapped in a steel base, and a group of wicked people is ready to come in and kill humans. And humans only have a few steel cannons. There are several groups of wicked guys coming from different doors at different times. And the hostages will run in different directions. You have different missions to save the requested number of hostages. So you have to take care of them. Can they survive from this defense? It's hard to say. But as a hero, you can't give up. You have to try again and again until they are safe. Don't worry, Steel Defense is an HTML game, without downloading or registering. Just enjoy this game!

How to Play Steel Defense

protect pawns from enemies,

save the minimum amount to win the stage,

enemies will enter from doors with green lights,

place the units provided to defend your pawns,

Fires bullets when enemies are in the range.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Are you looking for a game that could test your reflex? then Steel Defense is ready for you. As one of the HTML games, they are light games without downloading or registering. Different from other games, the enemies and the roles that players need to control are numerous. Usually, there are two types: one is numerous enemies with only one hostage, and another is numerous hostages with only one enemy. However, Steel Defense lets players fight with numerous enemies to protect numerous hostages, out of players' control. Sound very exciting and interesting, right? Don't hesitate to click the "PLAY" button. You would have fun in this game.
HTML games are light games, without downloading or registering. If you can't get the sills at the beginning, just play the"Restart" button. Numerous games are waiting for you to play with them.

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