Alloy Animal Counterattack

Heavy fighting is coming in the animal world. The cats, sheep, and pandas have to fight for their hometown. Fortunately, they have kinds of weapons, a tank, and staff with useful skills. As one of the shooting games unblocked, Alloy Animal Counteratttack will upgrade the skills. There are 3 positions on the tank. Players need to arrange each member's position to get the strongest superiority of this war. Moreover, each of them has different skills. Players also need to utilize their abilities. At this game, we do believe you will find the biggest fun of all HTML games.

How to Play Alloy Animal Counterattack

Tap the team member on the bottom of the screen, move to the tank,

Tap the weapons to shoot,

Adjust their positions if needed.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Help the small animals to protect their hometown. A group of huge enemies is coming with kinds of weapons. Alloy Animal Counterattack is a shooting game unblocked, so It needs players to become a good shooter. Note the bomb is not always existing there, sometimes It needs some time to generate. Players have to cherish every bomb and take care of the distance of shooting. Otherwise, the bomb can't aim at the enemies if the distance is too long. If you are fresh, maybe you need to try several times in the beginning. However, HTML games allow you to try whenever you want and wherever you are.
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