Laser Fighter

First of all, I have to say the image of Laser Fighter is very charming greatly. I can't wait anymore to start this shooting game unblocked. Players can do three steps to win this war at this game. As your need, select the options on the bottom. But do cherish the weapons, because some of them are limited and they need extra time to regenerate. There is a vast of enemies coming out consistently, players have lots of things to do. However, this process is exciting and beautiful. The game developer has inserted many charming images of other planets of the universe. Don't hesitate to click and start this game. By the way, you can restart this game again and again without downloading or registering. HTML games are light games, just enjoy your time!

How to Play Laser Fighter

Select the "Auto shooting" to shoot straight ahead,

Select the button on the left, start the side shoot,

Select the on the right, start the protective system.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

Do you want the experience beautiful landscapes when you are busy in an exciting war? Maybe you are confused about how could it happen together, a charming landscape combined with a war? Fortunately, this game developer has the gift of an artist. Laser Fighter contains both, as one of the shooting games unblocked. When players open this game, we can see all over the universe including shiny planets and stars. And the landscapes are different with the warplane flies ahead. If you want to see more landscapes, your warplane has to fly as far as possible. Take care of the attack from the enemies and escape the falling unidentified objects. Enjoy your journey at this game, Laser Fight is an HTML game, no downloading or registering, totally free. Don't hesitate to start!
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