Pac Rat Game

Get Ready for a noisy fun time in PAC Rat Game! In this fun and fast-paced PAC Rat Video Game of strategy, it depends on you to eat all of the cheese bits in the maze before the furious cat gets you! Find the large wedges of cheese and show the angry cats who is boss! Go through the maze with PAC-Rat, the rat version of maze chase titles. Your goal is to gather every one of the pips thrown all through the maze. Keep an eye out, however, as three hungry cats are wandering through the maze too, and they are out to get the PAC Rat! Try to snatch the big wheels of cheese before the cats can find you. This will temporarily make you invulnerable. You could assault the cats while you're utilizing a cheese power-up, yet recollect that this booster doesn't keep going that long! Watch the cats' movements cautiously, as they are quicker than your little rats in this PAC-Rat Game Online Play!

PAC Rat Arcade Game Rules

  • Begin the PAC Rat HTML5 Game by tapping on the level you want to play.

  • Utilize the arrow keys to move the rat around and get all the cheese while staying away from the cats.

  • At the point when you eat the huge wheels of cheese toward the sides of the game, the cats will run away for a bit.

  • If you catch the cats during this period of the Rat Game PC, they will get back to the middle.

  • The number of lives you have left is displayed at the top of the PAC Rat Video Game.

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