Pool Puzzle Game Play

This is a very fun physics game. There are various kinds of billiards in the game. The player's task is to let the billiards hit the stars by removing obstacles or passing obstacles. Hit all the stars to pass. There are a lot of game levels, and the more difficult it is, the more difficult it is to get through the brains!

Pool Puzzle is one of the difficult, energizing, and sometimes angering moderate ball games. Would you be able to solve the riddle and help the pool ball reach its objective? It's about powers in this crazy pool physics puzzle game!

Players need to pocket all the balls and address the Pool Puzzle. Drag the white ball towards a numbered ball, solve the riddle by stashing the balls in the right order. It is likewise an awesome HTML5 game that has excellent illustrations and ambient sounds that make this game more fun. However, it is easy to understand but challenging to master.

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